About my experiment with cherry wood

About my experiment with cherry wood

A new experience is always interesting and useful. Here’s a case, then…

The thought came to me to present a spoon to relatives who would call on a visit on their way home. Of course I have a finished one… And not one.

But I like to make personalized items. For a specific person. And at the disposal of the whole evening, day and some new cherry blanks. Raw blanks. I thought, thought, and decided on an experiment. In case of failure, there are ready-made spoons.
I made the spoon in the evening, put it in a bag with shavings to dry… the next day at lunch — into the oven, even though it was raw to the touch.

First 15 minutes at 150ºC, then another 15 minutes at 200ºC and here is the result.

Absolutely dry and light, baked spoon.
And without a single crack.
So, it’s my new experience…

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