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Hello! It’s me 🙂

I have been an avid woodcarver since 2016. 

I create by hand all the products that I sell. I love preserving traditional methods so I use only a saw, an axe, and knives. I do not use machines or power tools, even in the grinding and finishing processes.

I work with wood that I find in a variety of places such as groves, forests, and even some places in the city. Some of these pieces have fallen by natural means. Other pieces have been cut down or pruned and I use the pieces that were destined for the wood stove. I believe wood should be given a chance at a second life by becoming a piece that someone can use and enjoy every day. I salvage these woods and create one-of-a-kind pieces that are both functional and artistic.

The process, though simple, requires attention to detail. I start by using my axe and saw to cut logs of wood from larger pieces. I process the ends in a special way to slow down the drying time of the wood as much as possible. This reduces the wood’s propensity to develop cracks.

When I am ready to start carving a piece, I select a log of wood and use the axe to prepare a blank of the future spoon. Using an exceptionally sharp carving knife, I carve it into the rough shape I want. I give each blank a unique and beautiful shape so people will look forward to using it. I then refine the carving further, ensuring that the final piece is well balanced with the proper dimensions.

Once I have carved the spoon, I put it into a large bag with shavings. The shavings absorb moisture so the spoon is less likely to crack as it dries further. I leave it in the shavings for three to five days then bake the piece at low heat to complete the drying process. Then I sand it by hand, using progressively finer grits until it is wonderfully smooth. Like my carving, I do this manually without any machines or power tools.

Sometimes I bake spoons in the oven. I vary the baking time to achieve the color I desire — the longer the piece bakes, the darker it gets. I wrote the article about baking, you can read it here: Let’s bake’n’roll!

I use only natural finishing products. I start with linseed oil, hand-rubbing it into the entire piece. This helps protect the wood from moisture and the problems it can cause. Then I apply my own proprietary food-safe protective paste wax made from linseed oil, carnauba wax, and beeswax. Finally, I rub the paste into the wood thoroughly, allow it to dry, then hand-polish it to a glowing luster. This highlights the wood grain further and protects the piece with a water-resistant coating.

When you buy one of my products, you are helping me provide for my large family while furthering my opportunity to earn my living doing what I love. And you receive a beautiful, fully functional hand-crafted item that will give you and your family pleasure for years to come.

Buying my products also tells the world that you support sustainability. I only use wood that has already fallen or has been cut by others. Why buy plastic—which lasts only briefly and just ends up polluting our planet—when you can buy a natural wood piece that will last for years or decades and was created from pieces of wood that I saved from being destroyed?

I try to encourage people to use natural resources carefully. In a world where many have little or nothing, we should prevent waste whenever possible, even if it’s just a small piece of a tree that has fallen in the forest. I love being able to make something from a scrap of tree that no one else even noticed or from a piece that someone was about to throw away. It may be a tiny contribution to the health of a big world, but if each of us did things like this, the improvements would be huge.

I put my heart and soul into each piece, infusing it with my warmth and kindness. I take my time with each carving because I care enough to bring the very best out of each piece of wood. I always hope that those who buy my carvings will feel that caring whenever they use them. And I hope, when people use my pieces, that they feel the world thanking them for doing even a small part toward preserving our natural bounty.

Be happy and live in joy!

Thank you for visiting! 

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